If you are interested in contributing a piece of your own work to the Awakened Voices™ project, please fill out our submission form.



Awakened Voices™


We are excited about introducing Awakened Voices™.  This is a specific project that offers individuals with epilepsy the opportunity to express themselves through art, poetry, or a short story (such as a journal entry).

If you or someone you know has epilepsy and is interested in sharing a piece of art, poetry or a short story and have it posted on this site, please fill out our  submission form.  In fairness to everyone, only one submission per person is allowed.

You must be at least 18 years old to submit content to this site, except that persons at least 13 years of age and less than 18 may submit content with the advice and permission of their parent or legal guardian.

PLEASE NOTE that by submitting a piece for consideration, you are confirming that you are the sole creator of the material, the material has not been previously published, you own all the rights to the material, and you are granting us an exclusive, worldwide copyright license to publish the material on the website and in any other form of our choosing.  In addition, you are releasing to us all future publication rights with proper credit given to the artist or author.  Submission does not guarantee publication. (Please read the entire agreement at the bottom of the  Submission Agreement prior to submitting any material).


It is our hope that there will be a substantial response to the Awakened Voices™ project. It is in this section of the website that the insights of individuals with epilepsy will be shared through their art, poetry or a short story.

In time, our intent is to publish the Awakened Voices Collection in book form.  This project will rely 100% on submissions.  So, as the Awakened Voices Collection grows, the series of books will grow as well.  Proceeds of the Awakened Voices Collection publications will be donated to charities that focus on improving the quality of life for children with epilepsy.

Awakened Voices™ is designed to be an area of positive reinforcement for everyone. At our discretion, material that represents anything violent, derogatory or inappropriate will not be considered for the Awakened Voices project or postings.

To begin the compilation of this collection, the author submitted an image that she drew many times throughout her childhood. To her the picture symbolized serenity, a calm and peaceful place.  She also submitted a poem written during her Ninth Grade year, a time when her medication completely lost its therapeutic effect. The poem represents a clear determination to not let anything hold you back from what you wish to achieve in life.