Epilepsy Resources

Recommendations for additional resources related to epilepsy are always welcome. We will seek permission prior to posting any link on this site.


Seizure Tracker

This is a wonderful site. The founders developed an online system capable of tracking your seizure activity. I am sure you will find this very helpful and so will your doctor(s).

The Epilepsy Foundation

This is the core foundation for all information, research, legalities and support groups on epilepsy.

Epilepsy Advocate

This site offers stories from epilepsy advocates and how they are taking control of their epilepsy.

The Safety Place Matâ„¢

Soft, light-weight, durable and easy to clean foam construction, the Safety Place Mat was specifically designed to protect individuals who have Epilepsy & other special needs from head, face & upper body injuries while sitting at tables & desks. Finally, A Simple Solution For A Complex Problem!